Friday, August 29, 2014

Honest Review of Buxvertise Scam or Legit ?

Buxvertise ( is a new Paid to Click program launched on April 19, 2014.
 Buxvertise scam or not
The website is powered by Drew and Jesse (the owner of Trafficreturn [2012] & SimplyPTP).
In the next few seconds you are going to:
- Learn why this new site is promising (and you should join!),
- Discover their innovative key features,
- Find out how you could earn your first $5 TODAY with a FREE account at Buxvertise.

Buxvertise review: is it trusted?

buxvertise review

The Script is new .There is good support.Admin and mod are very active.

But it’s only few months later, on July 2014, when I understood who is behind the project and when I saw the quality of the support and the features being developed, that I started my journey there. Just like you I HATE SCAMS, so I took the time required to make sure it worth joining! :)

Buxvertise Payment: They Pay INSTANT

 buxvertise scam or not

Buxvertise is paying through Paypal and Payza… instantly. Awesome right?
If, like me, you hate to get worried about whether you will be paid in next few days or not IT DEFINITELY IS!
At Buxvertise receiving your money takes only few seconds and it’s as simple as pressing the cashout button!
I’m sure you can handle it! Get Started Right Now if you agree! ;)

Buxvertise Paypal: established since 2012
 buxvertise review

We all know that Paypal can be a pain for Paid-To-Clicks.
I don’t have enough fingers to count all the sites I seen failing due to their Paypal being limited/frozen.
This is why I want to underline another great point concerning payment processors:
Their Paypal is established and running smoothly since 2012 (as they use it for TrafficReturn).

Here is a screenshot: (You can verify it by yourself at

Buxvertise, new PTC 2014: strategy and feature to earn more!
Need more details before starting your journey at Buxvertise?
Here you go!
Upgrades: Membership at Buxvertise:
You can join Buxvertise as a free member and start earning some decent money.
But you may also go for one of their low cost upgrade! It will not only lift your limits, it will also quadruple your earnings!

Here is an overview of the memberships:
Buxvertise review

Referrals: Rented Referrals Average and Earning at Buxvertise:
I currently have a rented referral average of 4.87 which brings me a great profit!

I got the membership “Eternity” at $35/month and 1,000 Rented Referrals. Added to my direct referrals earnings I’m pretty close to a $20 daily earning! :)

buxvertise review
Features: Innovation you said?:
Buxvertise comes with extra ways to earn money: such as grid, offers and paid-to-sign-ups,… but not only!

Let me share three of features I really love:
1. The Wheel of Bux:
Spin the wheel on daily basis and earn awesome gift!
Ready to grab your first $5 TODAY?
Buxvertise review

2. Share Your Payment Proof and Earn!
You will find a place to post the URL of the websites where you shared your Buxvertise Payment Proof. Depending on the site ranking you will earn between $0.01 and $1.00 per site where you shared your testimonial!
Tip: Once you got paid, feel free to post your Payment Proof here in comment section.
We got quite a nice ranking, so your reward should be awesome! ;)
3. Downline Builder!
Easy feature that allow you to create a personal page which includes your top 5 (or whatever) websites along with your buxvertise referral link.

There is a lot more features to discover by yourself: have a look!
Did you joined Buxvertise? Let me know how is your experience there!
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